Albion is the oldest attestation and literary term for Britain or England, often used when referring to ancient or historical times as the land was originally known as by the Romans, most probably from the Latin “albus” meaning white, and referring to the chalk cliffs along the south-east coast of England.


public notice albion gazette

Gazette means “to announce” and is often an official journal, newspaper of record, internet Notice board, or simply a Notice board like the type you would typically see outside a parish church and serves to give Notice in and to the General Public.


copy right notice

Probably the most well known would be the London Gazette where you would typically pay a fee [between £70.00 to £210.00 plus vat] to give Public Notice.

non consent

Unfortunately, the London Gazette is the official gazette [of the government] and understandably does not allow notices to be placed such as Notices of Non-Consent to Vaccinations and Liens on Banks etc.


lien claim


We believe that everyone has the Right and need (at times) to give Public Notice and therefore offer space on our Public Gazette Notice Board at a far lower cost and also provide free templates that you may use (and we will be adding more as we go).

We are not publishers and do not “Fact Check” content and as such make no representations whatsoever for the content placed by the general public or professional persons who may self publish and will not be held liable for any content placed whatsoever.

The only stipulation is that all Notices are polite, respectful, and do not use any explicit language or contain any racial or gender abuse and do no harm to any living man or woman.

To place a Public Notice on the Albion Gazette you will first need to register by providing certain details [that we NEVER sell, rent or barter with any 3rd parties whatsoever] including your contact email address and this email address can be published with your Public Notice giving anyone concerned to opportunity to contact you and respond [you may wish to first create a new email address for this purpose].

Once you have registered you can submit your Public Notice by paying the appropriate fee from as little as £9.99 for 99 days of publication [UK Law requires a legal notice to be available for a minimum of 30 days and in some cases up to 90 days].

Some examples of Public Notices are:

• Notice of Non Consent to be Vaccinated
• Notice of Non Consent to lockdown
• Notice of Lien
• Notice of Economic Impact Vouchers
• Planning Applications
• Licence Applications
• Invitation to tender
• Will and Probate Notices
• Corporate Insolvency Notices and Personal Insolvency Notices
• Company Administrations and Liquidations
• Gambling Act Notices
• Goods Vehicle Operators Licence Notices
• Government Contracts
• Court Hearings
• For any other miscellaneous notices [such as common law name copyright] use General Notices category

Your Notice will show the publication date and you are advised to take a screenshot for your own records and can also email the hyperlink to your Notice to any interested parties.

Please Note: We do not offer legal advice.