non consent

Non Consent Notices

Here you will find individual listings of Men and Women who are putting the Government and relevant Authorities on Notice of their explicit wishes they do not consent to Government Acts and Statutes .

An Act or Statute is NOT LAW . It carries the weight of the LAW by those who CONSENT.

The Public Notices on this site confirm the Men or Woman stand under Natural Common Law.

Unless there has been . Loss / Harm / Injury . Then NO Crime has been commited

NOT Contract Maritime Law or the Private Legal System formed under the Private BAR / Law Society Franchise – Contract with the Crown.

We are POLICED by Consent in the UK. The Consent of the Governed.

Unless you can Provide Factual Evidence of a valid signed contract between the Man / Woman and your Organisation / Company / Franchise, you claim to represent.

Let it be know any Action taken  by a Police Constable – Who signed his / her Oath to Protect the Public . Attempts to Enforce Acts and Statues as an Police Officer is doing so Unlawfully whilst Impersonating a Police Constable.

Any Arrest or Detainment by that Police Officer Impersonating a Police Constable . Will be classed as Aggravated Assult / Battery / Kidnap

Those actions will be taken as your attempt to hold the Man / Woman in Servitude ( Modern Slavery Act )